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Solve Recaptcha API Document

Endpoint URL: http://api.solverecaptcha.com/

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field value
The user ID which can be found in the dashboard.
Your API key. Found in the dashboard.
The Google recaptcha2 data-sitekey value.
The Google recaptcha2 captcha page URL.

Example Response:


Remove the "OK|" string to get the g-recaptcha-response token. See validation instructions on how to use the token to validate the captcha.

Error Responses:

ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE - The Google recaptcha2 sent is unsolvable by our solvers.
ERROR_NO_AVAILABLE_THREADS - No threads available under your account's thread pool, upgrade to open more.
ERROR_API_KEY_NOT_FOUND - The API key passed is not found in our database.
ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED - Access to the API is denied, contact administrator at admin@solverecaptcha.com.

Validation Instructions:

Locate the element with id g-recaptcha-response and make it visible deleting display:none parameter.

As an alternative you can just use javascript to set the value of g-recaptcha-response field:


g-recaptcha-response: Once user checks the checkbox (I am not a robot), a field with id g-recaptcha-response gets populated in your HTML. You can now use the value of this field to know if the user is a bot or not, using the below mentioned lines:-

var captchResponse = $('#g-recaptcha-response').val();
if(captchResponse.length == 0 )
	//user has not yet checked the 'I am not a robot' checkbox
	//user is a verified human and you are good to submit your form now		

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